A. Critical and Comparative Studies

  Illustrated entries:  

1.Sadakichi Hartmann, The Influence of Japanese Art on Western Civilization, 1903.

2. F. S. Flint, Book of the Week: Recent Verse, 1908.

3. F. S. Flint, History of Imagism, 1915.

4. Alice Corbin Henderson, Japanese Poetry, 1915.

5. William Ellery Leonard, The New Poetry—A Critique, II, 1915.

6. Harriet Monroe, Introduction to The New Poetry, 1917.

7. Maxwell Bodenheim, To Li Tai Po, 1919.

8. Torao Taketomo, American Imitations of Japanese Poetry, 1920.

9. Raymond Weaver, What Ails Pegasus?, 1920.

10. Yone Noguchi, Literary Cooperation Between America and Japan, 1921.

11. Royall Snow, Poetry in Borrowed Plumage, 1921.

12. Royall Snow, Marriage with the East, 1921.

13. Mark Van Doren, The Progress of Poetry in England, 1921.

14. Hsin-Hai Chang, The Vogue of Chinese Poetry, 1922.

15. Jun Fujita, A Japanese Cosmopolite, 1922.

16. Josef Washington Hall, The Pacific-Asian Influence on the Poets of the United States, 1926.

17. H. L. Seaver, The Asian Lyric and English Literature, 1926.

18. William Leonard Schwartz, L’Appel de l’extrême-Orient dans la poésie des États-Unis, 1928.

19. Glenn Hughes, Imagism and the Imagists: A Study in Modern Poetry, 1931.

20. E. V. Gatenby, The Influence of Japan on English Language and Literature, 1937.

21. Allardyce Nicoll, World Drama from Aeschylus to Anouilh, 1949.

22. Thomas Ennis, Japan in the Literature of England, 1955.

23. Kimura Ki, Nichibei bungaku kôryûshi (Japanese-American literary exchange), 1955.

24. Roy E. Teele, Translations of Noh Plays, 1957.

25. Earl Miner, The Japanese Tradition in British and American Literature, 1958.

26. William Meredith, Listening to Incense, in Translation, 1958.

27. James Baird, Critical Problems in the Orientalism of Western Poetry, 1959.

28. Rintarô Fukuhara, The Old Familiar Faces, 1959.

29. Kenneth Rexroth, The Poetry of the Far East in a General Education, 1959.

30. John Ashmead, Jr., Japanese-American Cultural Interaction, 1962.

31. Rikutarô Fukuda, Japanese Elements in Western Literature, 1962.

32. H. H. Anniah Gowda, The Influence of the Noh on Verse Drama, 1963.

33. C. Lee Colgrove, Kabuki and the West, 1964.

34. Henry Willis Wells, Poem into Play: Impressions on the West, 1965.

35. Masaru Ôtake, The Haiku Touch in Wallace Stevens and Some Imagists, 1966.

36. John Holloway, The Far East: Egypt: Some Conclusions, 1966.

37. Eric Sellin, The Oriental Influence in Modern Western Drama, 1966.

38. Lucien Stryk, Zen Buddhism and Modern American Poetry, 1966.

39. Leonard Cabell Pronko, Three Visions of Noh, 1967.

40. Hisao Kanaseki, Haiku and Modern American Poetry, 1968.

41. Earl Miner, Japan’s Contribution to Western Literature and the Arts, 1968.

42. Earl Miner, The Significance of Japan to Western Literatures, 1968.

43. Kenneth Rexroth, Classic Japanese Poetry, 1968.

44. Peter Arnott, Some English Imitations [of the nô], 1969.

45. Earle Ernst, The Influence of Japanese Theatrical Style on Western Theatre, 1969.

46. Bruno Lewin, Literarische Begegnungen zwischen Amerika und Japan, 1969.

47. Earl Miner, Our Heritage of Japanese Drama, 1972.

48. Kenneth Rexroth, American Poetry in the Twentieth Century, 1971.

49. Kenneth Rexroth, The Elastic Retort: Essays in Literature and Ideas, 1973.

50. Ikuko Atsumi, Introduction to Yone Noguchi: Collected English Letters, 1975.

51. J. B. Harmer, Victory in Limbo: A History of Imagism, 1908-1917, 1975.

52. Iwahara Yasuo, Imagist shijin to haiku no kankei (The relation between Imagist poets and haiku), 1979.

53. Richard Storry, The Image of Japan in British Literature, 1980.

54. John T. Gage, In The Arresting Eye: The Rhetoric of Imagism, 1981.

55. Hazel B.Durnell, Japanese Cultural Influences on American Poetry and Drama, 1983.

56. Beongcheon Yu, The Great Circle: American Writers and the Orient, 1983.

57. Akira Kawano, Haiku and American Poetry: The Influence of Haiku upon American Poetry, 1983.

58. Stanley Sheng-Chuan Lai, Oriental Crosscurrents in Modern Western Theatre, 1983.

59. Sanehide Kodama, American Poetry and Japanese Culture, 1984.

60. Morgan Gibson, The True-Word’ of Kûkai and Modern Literature in English, 1984.

61. Dan McLeod, Asia and the Poetic Discovery of America from Emerson to Snyder, 1984.

62. Alison Kirby Record, Haiku Genre: The Nature and Origins of English Haiku, 1984.

63. Seiji Shikina, The Adaptation of the Haiku Form in the Poetry of the Imagists, 1986.

64. Jean Wilson and Louis Allen, Japan and English Literature, 1987.

65. Kathleen Theresa Flanagan, The Orient as Pretext for Aesthetic Revolution in Modern Poetry in English, 1987.

66. Jun Etô, Some Reflections on the Japanese Contribution to Western Arts and Letters, 1989.

67. Kathleen Flanagan, Far Eastern Art and Modern American Poetry, 1993.

68. Kathleen Flanagan, The Orient as Pretext for Aesthetic and Cultural Revolution in Modern American Poetry, 1994.

69. Kodama Sanehide, America no japonisme (American Japonisme), 1995.

70. Zhaoming Qian, Orientalism and Modernism: The Legacy of China in Pound and Williams, 1995.

71. Robert Kern, Orientalism, Modernism, and the American Poem, 1996.

72. Modjtaba Sadria, Japanese Way and American Followers, 1996.

73. Sumie Okada, Western Writers in Japan, 1999.

74. See also.





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