A. Critical and Comparative Studies

  Alice Corbin Henderson in 1917. The importance of the oriental influence on western art is beginning to make itself felt in our literature.  

4. Henderson, Alice Corbin. ‘Japanese Poetry’. Review of The Spirit of Japanese Poetry (D15e6), by Yone Noguchi, and Japanese Lyrics (D9b), by Lafcadio Hearn. Poetry 7 (1915): 89-93.

Henderson’s enthusiastic review closes with consideration of ‘the importance of the oriental influence upon all western art’ in the previous fifty years, and notes that ‘curiously enough’ this is only in 1915 ‘beginning to make itself felt in our literature’. She cites the need for ‘a conception of Japanese and Chinese poetry . . . based upon a wider knowledge of originals’ and suggests that she ‘need not venture to say what English poetry may gain’ from such an ‘infusion’, for ‘it has gained much in the past from  many . . . sources, all of which have contributed their share of richness and beauty to English verse’.







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