BK. Ezra Pound

132. Taylor, Richard. ‘The Notebooks of Ernest Fenollosa: Translations from the Japanese Nô’. Literature East and West 15/4-16/1-2 (1971-72): 533-76.

Includes versions of four nô plays from Fenollosa’s manuscripts, Adachigahara, Kanehira, Semimaru, and YÔchisoga, that Pound did not include in ‘Noh’ (24), for the purpose of analysing Pound’s treatment of the plays he did include. Finds that the ‘textual errors’ of Pound’s nô versions ‘are both obvious and unimportant’, though his misapprehension of classical [nô] literary form and structure . . . constitutes a far more serious flaw’. Taylor’s transcriptions of Fenollosa’s manuscripts were completed before the manuscripts themselves were available for consultation, and are based on transcriptions made by Dorothy Pound in 1960, which are now at the Library at the University of Virginia. Transcriptions made from Fenollosa’s manuscripts themselves appear in 201. See also 75, 144, and BL180, pp. 46-52.





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