BK. Ezra Pound

75. Yoro (YÔRÔ), ‘by Motokiyô [Zeami]’. Paideuma 4 (1975): 349-53.

    Reprinted in Ezra Pound and Japanese Noh Plays.  

Pound’s version of the nô play from the draft translation in Fenollosa’s notebooks remained unpublished for sixty years. The work does not distinguish between the prose and verse of the original and contains several inaccuracies (see Tsukui [167] for a list). Taylor (BL176 and BL180) and Sekine (BL250) find the work a source for Yeats’s At the Hawk’s Well (BL12). See also 144, 163, BL217, and CB1c. Reprinted in 167.







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