BL. W. B. Yeats

224. Naitô, Shirô. Yeats and Zen: A Study of the Transformation of His Mask. Kyoto: Yamaguchi, 1984.

See 196. Discusses the relationship between Yeats and Noguchi (see D15) and Yeats and Suzuki (see D28), and includes reproductions of letters from Yeats to Suzuki (22 May 1928; see 53) and to Yano Hôjin (18 November 1927, see 76). Poems read in the context of Suzuki’s Zen include, among others, Among School Children (29), A DialogUe of Self and Soul (30a), Byzantium (32a), Lapis Lazuli (40), and The Statues (43). Incorporates 146 and 159.







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