BL. W. B. Yeats

223. Komesu, Okifumi. The Double Perspective of Yeats’s Aesthetic. Gerrards Cross: Smyth, 1984.

Chapter 5, ‘The Flower or the Gyre’, includes an outline of Zeami’s (Ap) aesthetics, and contrasts these with the ‘didacticism’ of European dramatic theories from Aristotle to Ibsen, concluding finally that Yeats’s rejection of ‘Western’ theory and embracing of the nô can be seen as evidence of a ‘double perspective’ that was ‘neither completely Eastern nor . . . completely Western’. Chapter 6, ‘The Flower that Never Bloomed’, traces discrepancies between nô aesthetics and Yeatsian drama, and takes particular exception to Wilson’s claims (in 102) of an influence from Hagoromo (see BK13d) in The Only Jealousy of Emer (14b).






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