BL. W. B. Yeats

76. Yano, Hôjin. ‘Yeats to Nippon’ (Yeats and Japan). Seikaijin 1/1 (1948): 71-78.

Yano (1893-1988) was a poet, translator, and prominent scholar of English letters, variously Professor at Taikoku Imperial University in Japanese-occupied Taiwan, Tokyo, Kyoto, Dôshisha, and Waseda universities, and President of Tôyô University. He met Yeats in Ireland in 1927 and the two remained friends and correspondents. Yano initiated the second invitation for Yeats to lecture in Japan (see 52e-f, and also 48i), and is the apparent source for Yeats’s introduction to Suzuki (see 67 and D28). This anecdotal work recounts details of their friendship. See also 89 and 224.






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