BL. W. B. Yeats

29. Among School Children. London Mercury 16 (August 1927): 346-48.

Eide (148) suggests a source of lines 9-12 in Stopes’s translation of Motomezuka (see D23) and argues plausibly that the structure of the work is indebted to the nô, particularly in the opening self-identification of the waki (the secondary character in the nô, a traveller, often a priest, who appears and identifies himself at the beginning of the play, ll. 1-8), the confrontation of the waki and the shite (the principal character, ll. 17-24), and the closing ‘singularly appropriate and significant substitute for the dance’ (ll. 57-64). Mizuta (133) and Naitô (224) offer readings of the work in the context of Suzuki’s Zen (see D28).






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