BL. W. B. Yeats

218. Franchi, Florence. ‘L’influence des Four Plays for Dancers [17] de W. B. Yeats et le théâtre européen contemporain’. Gaéliana 5 (1983): 101-08.


Briefly traces elements in early Yeatsian drama that anticipate his incorporation of nô technique, summarises in general terms the technical devices he adapted from the nô, and argues that these in turn were utilised by other dramatists following Yeats, including Bottomley (see CA3), Bertholt Brecht (see 129), Paul Claudel (see 129), Moore (see CA9), and Ulick O’Connor (see 210). Based in part on ‘Les Four Plays for Dancers de W. B. Yeats et l’influence du nô Japonais’, Doctorat de spécialité de 3éme cycle thesis, Université Paul Valéry, 1982.





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