BL. W. B. Yeats

219. Lee, Sang-Kyong. ‘Versuche einer nô-Adaptation durch William Butler Yeats’. In nô und europäisches Theater’. Frankfurt: Lang, 1983.

Drawing frequently on the best of related scholarship in both English and Japanese, Lee describes at length the circumstances leading to Yeats’s introduction to the nô and the uses to which he put the form. Includes notes about Fenollosa (see especially D10), Pound’s work with his manuscripts, Yeats’s relation with Craig (see D17), Dulac (Ap), and Itô (Ap), and Yeats’s plays themselves, particularly At the Hawk’s Well (12) and The Dreaming of the Bones (14a). Incorporates notes about Yeats in ‘Auswirkungen des nô auf das europäische Theater’, Maske und Kothurn 22/3-4 (1976): 269-96; ‘Nô to yoroppa no jojiengeki’ [nô and European theatre], Hôsei 4 (1977): 28-33; and ‘Beziehungen zwischen dem nô und dem europäischen Theater’, in Proceedings of the Fourth Kyushu International Cultural Conference (Fukuoka: Fukuoka Unesco Association, 1977).





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