BL. W. B. Yeats

129. M[iner], E[arl]. ‘Nô’. In Encyclodedia of Poetry and Poetics, edited by Alex Preminger and Frank J. Warnke. Princeton: Princeton UP, 1965. Enlarged as Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics, 1974.

Miner’s discussion of the nô devotes more attention to its influence on European and American playwrights than to the form itself, and summarises the influence in the work of Pound and Yeats, the latter of whom ‘became so absorbed that he completely reshaped his later dramaturgy in the image of nô’. Includes reference as well to work by Binyon, Bottomley (see CA3), Bertholt Brecht (whose ‘operas’ Der Jasager [1930] and Der Neinsager [1932] were written ‘in the light of’ Waley’s translation of TANIKÔ [in D26b]), Paul Claudel (among whose diplomatic posts was the Ambassadorship at Tokyo in 1921, and among whose plays are several influenced by the nô), Damon (see CA8), Goodman (see CA12), Moore (see CA9), Péri, (Ap) Waley, and Thornton Wilder (see also A25, 30, and 55).





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