BL. W. B. Yeats

148. Eide, Elling O. ‘Unai Otome as Helen of Troy’. Monumenta Nipponica 25 (1970): 455-58.

A ‘brief note’ that, following Thwaite’s insight (in 97) about a source for Byzantium (32a) in Stopes’s translation of Motomezuka (see D23), suggests that images from that play may be found as well in Among School Children (29), and that the structure of the poem is derived from the nô. Argues further that a fuller investigation of nô influences in Yeats’s poetry would be fruitful, and points to a possible relation between Byzantium and Aya no tsuzumi, available in Péri’s (Ap) French translation when the poem was written, and other Yeats poems and Sotoba Komachi (see BK17c).






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