BK. Ezra Pound

207. Sekine, Masaru. ‘Noh, Fenollosa, Pound and Yeats—Have East and West Met?’ Yeats Annual 13 (1998): 176-96.

As in four earlier works about Yeats’s mediation of the nô (BL233, 247, 250, 258) Sekine’s preoccupation is with what Western writers have not understood about the ‘unique[ness]’ and ‘essence’ of the form. Examines a Japanese text of NISHIKIGI, Fenollosa’s version (based on the rough translation of Hirata [Ap]), Pound’s emendations of Fenollosa (in BK8), and Yeats’s DREAMING OF THE BONES (BL14a), and enumerates various ‘mistakes’ and ‘westerniz[ations]’ by both Pound and Yeats.







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