BK. Ezra Pound

172. Albright, Daniel. ‘Pound, Yeats, and the Noh Theatre’. Iowa Review 15 (1985): 34-50.

A general treatment of the general details of the subject. The contention that virtually the only information about the nô available to Pound and Yeats came from Fenollosa and Itô disregards Dickins (D3, see BK13a), Aston (D13, see BK77d), Brinkley (D14, see especially BK77g), Stopes (D23, see especially BK152), Kume (see especially 59h, 82b4, 82c2, 85, 89a, 174a), Noguchi (see D15a-b), Craig and the Mask (see D17), and numerous other sources (see for example BL257).







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