BK. Ezra Pound

174. Fukuda, Rikutarô, and Akira Yasukawa, eds. Ezra Pound kenkyû (Pound studies). Kyoto: Yamaguchi, 1986.

    Kume Tamijurô, ca. 1914, photographed by Arnold Genthe  

a. Tsunoda, Shirô. ‘Pound to Kume Tamijûrô no koyû’ [The friendship of Pound and Kume]. The fullest account of Pound’s relation with Kume. According to Tsunoda, Itô was a classmate of Kume at the St. John’s Wood Art School in London in 1914, and introduced Kume to Pound when the latter was looking for someone to explain obscure passages in the Fenollosa manuscripts. Includes notes about Kume’s meeting with Yeats at the Cafe Royal. Reports that Kume gave Pound ‘several’ nô textbooks in Japanese while he was at work on Fenollosa’s manuscripts.

b. Yoshida, Sachiko. ‘Hagoromo [13d] to The Cantos: Pound no paradise no dampen’ [Hagoromo as a part of paradise in The Cantos]. Notes that Pound included ‘pagan and oriental elements’ in his vision of paradise in The Cantos, and examines particularly the role of the tennin in Hagoromo, whom Yoshida believes represents Pound’s hope for a harmony between heaven and hell.



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