David Ewick

Academic Presentations I, 2005

Tama campus, spring / autumn, Friday, 9:20~10:50

The course page for Academic Presentations I is here.

This course is for first-year students with TOEFL scores in the range of 520-650, and so accordingly we will focus on academic rather than strictly linguistics aims. The course will aim to complement other courses in the Program in English for Academic Purposes by emphasizing principles of research and methods of scholarship in English. Students will select a topic from within the general themes of the Faculty and work throughout the year on the preparation of researched and documented material about it. The course will culminate in a series of 90-minute peer-evaluated panel presentations of 3-5 students. Requirements will include a weekly diary of reading related to the topics, completion of worksheets before and after each presentation, an annotated bibliography of major sources, and active participation in all class matters.

The minimum requirements for passing will be attentive presence at class meetings and timely completion of assignments. More than five absences will result in failure. Assuming these basics, the percentages for determining grades will be as follows:

Evaluation procedures:

reading diaries 10%
annotated bibliography 10%
presentation worksheets 15%
active participation 25%
formal presentations 40%


Diana Hacker, Pocket Style Manual 3rd ed. (Bedford / St. Martin’s, 2001).

Other materials will be provided by the instructor and students

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