David Ewick


In this area may be found articles and other materials that may be of use in particular seminars. These include at present only materials available in other areas of the site, and so to avoid repetition what follows are links to those.

1. History and the Absence of History in Japanese International Relations: Perceptions and Possibilities of the Emergence of Japan as an Ehtical Force in the World, 2007. (Abstract)

2. With Modjtaba Sadria, Privileged at the Margins: Critical Theory and Cultural Change, 2004. (Abstract)

3. Undreamt by Tyrants and Orthodoxies: Edward Said, Orientalism, and the Politics of Cyberspace, 2004. (Abstract)

4. Go Murakami, The Emperor’s New Clothes: The Discourse of kokusaika in Japanese Higher Education, 2004. (Abstract)

5. Toward a Classified Bibliography of Not One Thing: Cross-Disciplinary Cultural Studies in English Language Journals [mainly from 1999-2002], 2003.

6. Ezra Pound and the Invention of Japan, 2001.

7. W. B. Yeats, Certain Noble Plays, and Japan, 2001.

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