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David EwickDavid Ewick
Dept. of Literature & Culture in English
Tokyo Woman’s Christian University
2-6-1 Zempukuji, Suginami-ku
Tokyo, Japan 167-8585

Academic Appointments

Professor, Graduate School of Humanities & Sciences & Department of Literature & Culture in English, Tokyo Woman's Christian University, 4/2008 ~ present

University Graduate School & Faculty of Policy Studies, Chuo University, Tokyo, 4/1993 ~ 3/2008

Department of English Literature, Faculty of Letters, Konan University, Kobe, 4/1984 ~ 3/1993


Visiting Professor, Collegium Civitas, Warsaw, 9 ~ 11/2006

Visiting Scholar, Department of English, Indiana University Bloomington, 3/1997 ~ 3/2007

Visiting Scholar, Faculty Board of English, University of Cambridge, 4/1988 ~ 3/1989


PhD, Department of English Language & Literature, University College London, 2001

MFA, Program in Creative Writing, Wichita State University, 1984

MA, Department of English & Philosophy, Idaho State University, 1984

BA, Department of English Literature, University of Northern Colorado, 1977

Selected Publications, Conference Papers, Invited Lectures

.Pdf, offprint, or other sort of copy of much of this available with an email request.

Ed., intro., & notes, with Dorsey Kleitz. Reminiscences, by Michio Itō [伊藤 道郎, 1956]. Bilingual critical edition & new translation of‘ ‘Omoide wo kataru’ /「思い出を語る」. Trans. Aya Fukayama et al. Preface by Michele Ito. Tokyo: Shōhakusha: 2013. Forthcoming.

With Kanae Shiraishi [白石 佳菜江]. ‘A Case Study of Self-Orientalism & Self-Occidentalism: Performative Constructions of Self & Other in Japanese Travel Guides to Sri Lanka’. Middle Ground 4 (journal of the Research Laboratory on Culture & Communication, Université Sultan Moulay Slimane). 2013. Forthcoming.

With Kanae Shiraishi [白石 佳菜江]. ‘Japanese Globe-Trotters and Transnational Image Flows: Notes Toward a Sociology of Japanese Tourism’. 3rd Annual Conference of the International Association for Asia-Pacific Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 23-24 Nov. 2012.

‘Japanese Figures, Anglophone Verse & the Irish Melody’. Foreword, ix~xi in The Japanese Effect in Contemporary Irish Poetry, by Irene De Angeles. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012. @ amazon.com here.

‘Binding up an Ancient Love: A Genealogy of Pound’s Japan’. Invited lecture, 22nd summer seminars of the Ezra Pound Center for Literature at Brunnenburg Castle, 17 July 2012.

‘Notes Toward a Cultural History of Japanese Modernism in Modernist Europe, 1910~1920, With Special Reference to Kōri Torahiko [郡虎彦]’. The Hemingway Review of Japan 13 (2012): 19~36.

‘Illiterate Intertextuality: A Case Study of Adaptation of Nō in Modernist English Literature’. Invited lecture, International Symposium on Comparative Literature: ‘Reform, Reuse, Recycle: Comparative Literature Perspectives on Adaptation’, Kanagawa University, Yokohama, 16 June 2012.

With Kanae Shiraishi [白石 佳菜江]. ‘Performing Occidentalism: A Case Study of Discursive Constructions of Self & Other in Japanese Representations of Ceylon / Sri Lanka’. International Conference on Occidentalism vs. Orientalism, Université Sultan Moulay Slimane, Beni Mellal, Morocco, 17~18 April 2012.

Meeting Under a Difficult Law: Ezra Pound, Modernism, & Japan’. Invited lecture, Dept. of English Seminar Series, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 14 Feb. 2012.

‘Notes Toward a Cultural History of Japanese Modernism in Modernist Europe, 1910~1920, With Special Reference to Kōri Torahiko [郡 虎彦]’.
Invited lecture, 20th Anniversary Symposium, ‘Hemingway, Yeats, Pound, & the Japanese Connection’, 22nd Annual Conference of the Hemingway Society of Japan, Tokyo Woman's Christian University, 17~18 Dec. 2011.

‘“Are You in the Nō? The Symbolic Drama of Japan, Ages Old, Mystic, Aristocratic, Has Made Fashionable London Its Own”: A Cultural History of Pound, Yeats, & Japanese London, 1914~1916’. 24th Ezra Pound International Conference, ‘Ezra Pound & London’, Institute for English Studies, Senate House, University of London, 5~9 July 2011.

Chasing After “Hokku”: Intertextuality & the Critical Misreading of Japanese Form in European Literary Modernism’. 3rd International Seminar on Modernism & Orientalism, School of International Studies, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, 17~18 June, 201o.

Ed. (English), with Hiroshi Yoshioka [吉岡 洋]. Yorobon: Diatxt. / Yamaguchi. Yamaguchi: Yamaguchi Center for Arts & Media, 2008. @ amazon.co.jp here, amazon.com here.

With Yoshihide Tabuchi [田渕 義英] & Go Murakami [村上 剛]. ‘“The More We Avoid, the More We Grow Suspicious”: Perceptions of Self & Other in Japan.”’. Journal of the Institute of Policy & Cultural Studies / 『政策文化総合研究所年俸』11 (2008): 3~24.

Ed. & intro., with Modjtaba Sadria. Of Windows & Mirrors: Ambassadorial Reflections of Japan in the International Community. Special issue, Japanese Journal of Policy & Culture /『 総合政策研究』14. Tokyo: Chuo University Press, 2007. Critical introduction & transcripts of a lecture series contextualized here & here.

‘History & the Absence of History in Japanese International Relations: Perceptions & Possibilities of the Emergence of Japan as an Ethical Presence in the World’. 20th International Conference of the Japan Studies Association of Canada, York University, Toronto, 16~19 Aug. 2007. Abstract here.

‘“Undreamt by Tyrants and Orthodoxies”: Edward Said, Orientalism, & the Politics of Cyberspace’. 259~82 in Reorienting Orientalism, ed. Chandreyee Niyogi. London & New Delhi: Sage, 2006. @ Sage here, @ amazon.com here.

‘Orientalism & Occidentalism’. Lecture series, Collegium Civitas, Warsaw, 10 Oct. ~ 9 Nov., 2006.

「東アジアの体験、西洋の目、歴史という名の悲哀なる詩:ウィリアム・エンプソン、日本、中国、1931-1939」[East Asian Experience, the Eye of the West, & the Melancholy Poetry of History: William Empson, Japan, China, 1931-1939]. Trans. Shiho Takaso and Shinya Matsuura. Journal of the Institute of Policy & Cultural Studies /『政策文化総合研究所年俸』9 (2006): 15~31.

With Modjtaba Sadria. ‘Privileged at the Margins: Critical Theory & Cultural Change’. ‘Sharing Places’, Triennial Conference of the European Association for Commonwealth Literature & Language Studies, University of Malta, Msida, 21~26 March 2005. Abstract here.

Kokusaika / “Internationalization” & the Absent Other in Japanese Higher Education’. Invited lecture, Tokai University Institute of Foreign Languages, Tokyo, 11 July 2005.

‘Orientalism, Absence, & Quick-Firing Guns: The Emergence of Japan as a Western Text’. Journal of the Institute of Policy & Cultural Studies/『政策文化総合研究所年俸』7 (2004): 79~109. Illustrated version online under Creative Commons license, 2004, here.

‘“Undreamt by Tyrants and Orthodoxies”: Edward Said, Orientalism, & the Politics of Cyberspace’. ‘Other Voices, Other Cultures: Rereading Orientalism’, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, Aug. 12 ~ 14, 2004. Abstract here.

Japonisme, Orientalism, Modernism: A Bibliography of Japan in English-Language Verse of the Early 20th Century. Online under Creative Commons license, 2003, here.

Ed., with Irene De Angelis. Emerging from Absence: An Archive of Japan in English-Language Verse. 2003 & continuing, here.

‘Toward a Classified Bibliography of Not One Thing: Cross-disciplinary Cultural Studies in English-Language Journals, 1999~2002’. Japanese Journal of Policy & Culture / 『 総合政策研究』 9 (2003): 371~97.

‘Rethinking Pound & Japan’. 22nd conference of the Ezra Pound Society of Japan, Nagoya University, Oct. 28, 2000.

‘Illiteracy of a Very High Order: Pound, Exoticism, & Japan’. 18th International Ezra Pound Conference, Beijing Foreign Studies University, July 16 ~ 19, 1999.

‘Undertones of Modernism: Conrad Aiken & Japan’. English Language & Literature / 『英語英米文学』(中央大学) 37 (1997): 289~300.

‘American Representations of a Rising Sun: Witter Bynner, Arthur Davison Ficke, & Japan’. Japanese Journal of Policy & Culture /『 総合政策研究』 2 (1996): 1~17.

‘Richard Aldington & Japan’. English Language & Literature /『英語英米文学』(中央大学) 36 (1996): 241~54.

‘Japanese Subjects in Twentieth-Century British Art History & Literature: Bibliographical Notes on Laurence Binyon’. Japanese Journal of Policy & Culture / 総合政策研究』1 (1995): 181~91.

‘William Empson & Japan’. English Language & Literature /『英語英米文学』(中央大学) 35 (1995): 457~75.

‘From “The Rocks of Sesshu” to Triumph of the Sparrow: The Japanese Sources of Lucien Stryk’s Early Poems’. 314~40 in Zen, Poetry, the Art of Lucien Stryk, ed. Susan Porterfield. Athens, Ohio: Ohio University Press, 1993. @ amazon.com here.

‘Lucien Stryk & Japan’. 222~40 in『英語 •英米文学研究の新潮流』[English: New lines of research in British & American Literature], ed Taizō Tanimoto [谷本 泰三]. Tokyo: Kinseidō, 1992. @amazon.co.jp here.

‘A Selected Critical Bibliography of Twentieth-Century British Poetry Influenced by Japan: Edmund Blunden & D. J. Enright, Work from Mainstream British Presses’. Journal of the Konan University Faculty of Letters / 『甲南大学紀要文学論』no. 81 (1992): 181~232.

‘Kenneth White & the Bird Path: Modern British Poetry & the East-Asian Tradition’. 27th Conference of the Kansai Comparative Literature Association, Momoyama Gakuin University, Osaka, 8 June 1991.

‘Ambrose Bierce: A Bibliographical Essay’. Journal of the Konan University Faculty of Letters /『甲南大学紀要文学論』no. 77 (1990): 76~83.

‘Robert Bly, S. T. Coleridge, & the Return of the Imagination to American Poetry’. Journal of the Konan University Faculty of Letters /『甲南大学紀要文学論』no. 65 (1987): 19~41.

Gone in October: John Clellon Holmes on Jack Kerouac’. Bloomsbury Review, Nov. 1985: 5, 13.

Poems in Anthology of American Verse & Yearbook of American Poetry (Beverly Hills: Monitor Books, 1983, 1984), Confluence: Contemporary Kansas Poetry (Lawrence, Kansas: Cottonwood Press, 1984), American Institute of Discussion Review, Colorado-North Review, CutBank, Indiana Review, Midwest Quarterly, Red Cedar Review, & others.

Selected Professional Service

Reviewer for the Fulbright Scholar Program, Oxford University Press, Routledge, Temple University Press, PMLA, Review of English Studies, Irish Studies Review, and Journeys: The International Journal of Travel & Travel Writing.





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