David Ewick


David EwickDavid Ewick
Dept. of Literature and Culture in English
Tokyo Woman’s Christian University
2-6-1 Zempukuji, Suginami-ku
Tokyo, Japan 167-8585

Academic Appointments

Professor, Department of Literature and Culture in English, Tokyo Woman's Christian University, 4/2008 ~ present

Associate Professor-Professor, Faculty of Policy Studies, Chuo University, Tokyo, 4/1993 ~ 3/2008

Assistant-Associate Professor, Department of English Literature, Konan University, Kobe, 4/1984 ~ 3/1993


Visiting Professor, Collegium Civitas, Warsaw, 9 ~ 11/2006

Visiting Scholar, Department of English, Indiana University Bloomington, 3/1997 ~ 3/2007

Visiting Scholar, Faculty Board of English, University of Cambridge, 4/1988 ~ 3/1989


PhD, Department of English Language and Literature, University College London, 2001

MFA, Program in Creative Writing, Wichita State University, 1984

MA, Department of English and Philosophy, Idaho State University, 1984

BA, Department of English Literature, University of Northern Colorado, 1977

Selected Publications, Conference Papers, Invited Lectures

Here (Academia.edu)

Selected Professional Service

Reviewer for the Fulbright Scholar Program, Oxford University Press, Routledge, Temple University Press, PMLA, Review of English Studies, Irish Studies Review, and Journeys: The International Journal of Travel & Travel Writing.





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