BL. W. B. Yeats

220. Doherty, Gerald. ‘The World That Shines and Sounds: W. B. Yeats and Daisetz Suzuki’. Irish Renaissance Annual 4 (1983): 57-75.

Brings coherence to Yeats’s reading of Suzuki (see D28) and ‘appropriation of Zen teaching’, which Doherty shows was both ‘selective’ and ‘exclusively indebted to Suzuki’. Doherty’s reading of individual poems, A Dialogue of Self and Soul (30a) and Lapis Lazuli (40) among others, is not determinative in finding a source in Zen, but his generalities are more carefully presented here than in much of the writing about Yeats’s understanding of Suzuki’s presentation of Zen. See also 113 and 196.






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