BL. W. B. Yeats

89. Yano, Hôjin. Eibungaku yawa (Evening chats on English literature). Tokyo: Kenkyusha, 1955. Rev. ed., 1958

Recounts in detail the story of Sato’s sword (see especially 21 and 48k) and how Sato came to present it to Yeats, and includes extended discussion of the Fenollosa nô manuscripts that ended up in Pound’s hands and provided the most important source for Yeats’s experiments with the form. Along with Yamaguchi (see D10d), Yano demonstrates that Hirata Kiichi (Ap, here called ‘Tokuboku’) must have had a greater hand in the translation of Fenollosa’s manuscripts than generally has been acknowledged; includes fuller information about Fenollosa’s relation with Ariga Nagao (Ap) and Mori Kainan (Ap) than is available in English-language studies.






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