BK. Ezra Pound

185. Olson, Peter David. ‘Seizing HAGOROMO (13d): Pound’s Imagined Drama and “The Cantos”’. PhD thesis, University of Michigan, 1988. Abstract in DAI 49/8:2211A.

Examines the ‘influence that Noh drama . . . had on Pound’s early thinking, particularly in enabling him to move from the brief encapsulations of his Imagist poetry such as In a Station of the Metro [3], to the more dynamic, paradoxical, Vorticism that directly preceded his initial attempts at “The Cantos”’. Includes also notes about ‘Pound’s experiences with the Noh form itself . . . both in his edition of Fenollosa’s translations of Noh plays, and in Pound’s own newly published attempts at the form [81]’. Includes discussion in particular of Pound’s versions of Hagoromo, Nishikigi (8), Suma Genji (17e), and the Women of Trachis (61), along with Yeats’s At the Hawk’s Well (BL12).





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