BK. Ezra Pound

175. Chiba, Yoko. ‘Ezra Pound’s Versions of Fenollosa’s Noh Manuscripts and Yeats’s  Unpublished “Suggestions & Corrections”’. Yeats Annual 4 (1986): 121-144.

Shows that Pound’s work with Fenollosa’s manuscripts was ‘for the most part . . . a total reconstruction of Fenollosa’s draft’, and argues on the basis of Yeats’s unpublished ‘Suggestions and Corrections’ about the plays (in the Pound Archive at Yale [90a]) that the editing that went into the Cuala Press edition (21) was a ‘collaboration’ between Yeats and Pound. Virtually all of Yeats’s ‘suggestions and corrections’ are reprinted here. Chiba argues as well that Mary Fenollosa entrusted Pound with her husband’s manuscripts not only because she had seen his work in Poetry and liked it, but also because both were acquainted with Noguchi. Includes reference to Pound’s relation with Itô.



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