BK. Ezra Pound

154. Katô, Eileen. ‘On the Pound-Fenollosa Versions of the Noh and Possible Traces of  Yeats’. Hikakubungaku kenkyû 33 (1978): 1-19.

Katô traces ‘hints’ of Yeats in the dialect of Pound’s versions of the nô, particularly those that appeared in Certain Noble Plays (21), though is careful not to claim too much. Chiba’s later work with Yeats’s unpublished ‘suggestions and corrections’, however (175), demonstrates that Katô’s intuition is correct. Regarding the ‘Pound-Fenollosa’ versions themselves, Katô notes that ‘the stickler for accuracy must throw up his hands in horror several times a page’, but ‘in places they are very good’, and they ‘have fired the imagination of countless Western readers and some of the greatest poets of our century’.





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