BK. Ezra Pound

151. Hesse, Eva. ‘New Light on Old Problems’. Paideuma 7 (1978): 179-83.

Miyake (150) separated an interpretation of the ‘So-shu’ lines of canto II (35a) from Pound’s sources, but Hesse reconnects the two by tracing a possible link between the lines and Fenollosa’s notes about the Chinese poet Ssu-ma Hsiang (Jpn.: Shiba Shôjo), whom Hesse contends Pound confused with ‘So-shu’. She also offers an explanation of the ‘Tree of Visages’ in canto IV (31) that depends on a misreading by Fenollosa of a phrase from Takasago (see 88d). See also 159 and 173.







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