BK. Ezra Pound

147. Niikura, Toshikazu. ‘The Pisan Cantos [56] and Noh Drama’. American Literature  in the 1940’s 1 (1976): 132-40.


Valuable as the first work to note that the structure of The Pisan Cantos ‘resembles’ the structure of mugen nô, a point anticipated by Bush (in 145) and carried further by Longenbach (183) and, especially, Miyake (187, 191, and 192). Niikura is cautious in his observations that both Pound’s work and the nô rely on ‘a pastiche of classical quotations and allusions’, and an ‘invocation of the dead’ that ‘leads to the liberation of the spell of doom and anxiety’. See also 70b.







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