BK. Ezra Pound

187. Miyake, Akiko. ‘Ezra Pound’s Love Mysteries and the Two Noh Plays: kayoi  Komachi (17d) and Awoi no uye (22)’. Kôbe joshigakuin daigaku ronshû 35/3 (1989): 49-72.

A complex but brilliant argument that the Fenollosa/Pound ‘errors’ in the two plays in question are in fact Pound’s ‘inventions’, or at least are consistent with themes that recur throughout his canon, particularly ‘the most abstruse theme of The Cantos, the unity of Dantean mysteries of love and the Eleusinian Mysteries’. Ultimately Miyake argues that Pound evolved themes from his work with the nô into ‘his germinal idea of the love mysteries of Persephone-Isis, and even more than Yeats integrated the Japanese classic plays into his own mythologization’. See also 191.





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