BK. Ezra Pound

110. Schneidau, Herbert. ‘Pound and Yeats: The Question of Symbolism’. Journal of English Literary History 32 (1965): 220-37.

Includes in a larger discussion of Yeats’s influence on Pound an argument (pp. 231-32) that while ‘the great mass of half-translated materials left by Fenollosa gave to both Pound and Yeats their opportunities to create the new modes of artistic expression . . . they were seeking’, their interests in the material differed profoundly, for ‘whereas the Noh drama, with its heavy suggestiveness and supernatural machinery, was all that Yeats could desire’, the ‘spiritualism and suggestiveness’ of the form ‘went together, in Pound’s eyes, to produce a vapidity’, and after completing ‘a few translations’ from the nô, Schneidau contends, Pound ‘turned over these manuscripts to Yeats’. Both Pound’s own incorporation of the ‘suggestiveness and supernatural machinery’ of the nô (see particularly 27, 56, and 72) and critical work by Slatin (108), Bush (145 and 161), Longenbach (183), Miyake (187, 191, and 192), and others renders these assertions questionable.





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