BK. Ezra Pound

63. ‘Cantos 86-89’. Hudson Review 8 (1955): 13-27; 183-204.

    Reprinted in subsequent collections as cantos LXXXVI- LXXXIX.  

See also 65, where the noted cantos are reprinted as LXXXVI- LXXXIX.

a. 87. A summary of Pound’s understanding of the Confucian values that guarantee good government, which includes reference to Nakae Tôju (1608-48, 57, p. 590), the Japanese philosopher most responsible for bringing the neo-Confucian teachings of Wang Yang-ming (1472-1528, Jpn.: Ôyômei) to Japan. According to Terrell (158), citing Achilles Fang, Pound’s knowledge of Nakae came from Carson Chang, who visited Pound at St. Elizabeth’s.

b. 88. ‘Dai Gaku’ (p. 601): Japanese transliteration of the title of the Confucian text Ta hsio.

c. 89. ‘Reck, at Lake Biwa’ (p. 624): see 116.




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