BK. Ezra Pound


65. Section: Rock Drill de los Cantares (Cantos LXXXV-XCV). Milan: All’Insegna del Pesce d’Oro, 1955. Reprint, New York: New Directions, 1956.

Neither this work nor Thrones (66) continues in significant ways the nô-related methods of The Pisan Cantos (56). LXXXV-LXXXIX offer a condensed restatement of the historical and economic themes of the poem, and XC-XCV, like the cantos of Thrones, return to the world of spirits, but rely less on the method of divine manifestation at a sacred place than was the case at ‘Taishan @ Pisa’ (see 56a). Beyond allusion to Kannon in the reprint of canto XC (see 64), critics wishing to trace reverberations from the form here would have to focus on the ‘unified images’ Pound identified with the nô (see 12 and 17f and 87), and though that is a subject that has not been fully explored, these are no more in evidence here than in any other section of the poem. Reprinted in later editions of 57.





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