BK. Ezra Pound

50. ‘Death of Yeats: End of Irish Literary Revival, Says Pound, Noh Enthusiast’. Japan Times and Mail, 5 June 1939, p. 3.

  Reprinted in Ezra Pound and Japan.  

Includes comment about Yeats’s ‘Japanese interlude or flirtation’: Japanese readers ‘have a “link” with Dublin in those plays of Yeats which were directly stimulated by Fenollosa’s reports and translations of Noh’, Pound writes, remembering an occasion on which Yeats called the nô ‘the form I have been searching for all my life’. Pound notes as well that ‘at one time [Yeats] thought he would be called to a Japanese professorship and did . . . receive some sort of invitation’ (see BL48i). See also 49. Reprinted in 82.






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