BK. Ezra Pound

18. ‘Chronicles’. Blast, 2 July 1915, pp. 85-86.


In a discussion of Binyon’s Flight of the Dragon (BC9) Pound criticises Binyon for having ‘not sufficiently rebelled’, but praises his intellect and the book, primarily by quoting passages of which he approves, including lines about the vitality of a depiction of waves by Ogata Kôrin (Ap). Reprinted in Pavannes and Divagations (Norfolk, Conn.: New Directions, 1958; reprint, 1975). See Terrell (140) and Holaday (148) for notes about Pound’s debt to Binyon, and see also BC34a, 43, BK59, 77b, 86, 90a, 105, 126, 168, 181, and 188.







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