BK. Ezra Pound


126. Stock, Noel. The Life of Ezra Pound. London: Routledge and Paul, 1970.

The chapter ‘Ernest Fenollosa 1913/1915’ focuses on Pound’s activities during the years noted, but outlines his work with Fenollosa’s manuscripts only in general terms. Other chapters include notes about Pound’s relation with Itô (Ap) and Kume (Ap), Kitasono and the Vou club poets (see 46 and D29), and other writers pertinent here, including Aiken, Aldington, Binyon, Fletcher, Flint, T. E. Hulme (see A3), and Lowell (see index).Contends without providing a source that ‘at one stage Pound had in mind to visit Koume [Kume] in Tokio’. Includes a quoted letter of September 1915 from Pound to Milton Bronner about Pound’s ‘cryselephantine poem of unmeasurable length’, the second-earliest unmistakable reference to The Cantos in the published record (p. 184). The earliest is quoted in 88, p. 120. See also 133.






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