BI. Amy Lowell

35. Katz, Michael. ‘Amy Lowell and the Orient’. Comparative Literature Studies 18 (1981): 124-40.

A sympathetic overview of Lowell’s Asian interests: ‘Although she may have failed more often than she succeeded’ in her use of Japanese and Chinese materials, she ‘incorporate[d] this richness . . . into much of her work’, and ‘helped to popularize far eastern verse with the public and . . . spread its influence throughout post-Imagist English and American poetry’. Although she ‘did not consistently write great poetry, many of her poems are excellent examples of . . . the Oriental influence upon Western poetic form’. Includes notes about Lowell’s relation with Aldington, H. D., Fletcher, Flint (Ap), and Pound, and notes that among works in Lowell’s library were Aston’s History of Japanese Literature (see D13) and Noguchi’s Spirit of Japanese Poetry (D15e6). See also 19.





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