BL. W. B. Yeats

184. Finneran, Richard, George Mills Harper, and William M. Murphy, eds. Letters to W. B. Yeats, vol. 2. New York: Columbia UP, 1977.

Includes letters from Sato Junzô (see 21 and 48k) of 5 June 1920 and 23 April 1922, and from Yano Kazumi (Hôjin, see 76), of 25 October 1926 and 15 August 1927. Yano’s 1926 letter refers to an enclosed letter of introduction from Noguchi (see D15); the l927 letter refers to the meeting between Yeats and Yano in Ireland (see 67), and offers advice about how Yeats should care for the sword Sato had given him (see especially 21).







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