BK. Ezra Pound

160. Bell, Ian F. ‘Correspondences’. In Critic as Scientist: The Modernist Poetics of  Ezra Pound. London: Methuen, 1981.

A section titled ‘Intelligent seeing’ (pp. 103-13) explores the elements of Fenollosa’s ‘transcendentalist temperament’ that appealed to Pound, and includes well-understood notes about what Pound in 1915 would have found both interesting and ‘irritat[ing]’ in Noguchi’s Spirit of Japanese Poetry (D15e6), and in general how contemporary interest in the art and poetry of Japan ‘reflected Pound’s own concern with practical poetics, at a time when he was responding to a new dynamics for writing in the energies of vorticism’. In addition to discussion of Fenollosa and Noguchi, Bell places in this context the Japanese interests of Hearn (see D9), John La Farge (Ap), and Edward Morse (Ap).





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