BK. Ezra Pound

134. Sakanishi, Shio. ‘Manekarezaru kyaku: Ezra Pound’ (An unexpected guest: Ezra  Pound). Eigo bungaku sekai, November 1972, pp. 2-4; December 1972, pp. 10-12.

Sakanishi’s remembrance of the ‘unexpected guest’, who in 1939 on his last trip to the United States before the war visited the Japanese Section of the Library of Congress, where Sakanishi was curator, to propose that the library arrange funding for a set of bilingual editions of the nô. Sakanishi was bemused, but receptive to Pound’s enthusiasm, and arranged for his viewing of a filmed performance of Aoi no Ue (22). He was so impressed by what he saw that for years he lobbied for the filming of the entire nô canon (see 49).






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