BK. Ezra Pound

113. Goodwin, K. L. The Influence of Ezra Pound. London: Oxford UP, 1966.

Chapter 5 of this careful study examines Pound’s influence on Yeats, and focuses particularly on the effects of his interest in the nô on Yeatsian drama, though Goodwin is careful to point out that many principles Yeats ‘derived’ from the nô were discussed in his work and put into practice in his drama years before Pound introduced him to the form (see especially BL2-9). Includes mention of discussions of the nô that took place at Pound’s London lodgings in 1915, with Waley (see D26), Dulac (see BL12), and probably Yeats in attendance, and notes also effects of Pound’s versions of the nô on Noguchi (D15) and Waley, and in general his profound influence on post-war poetry in the United States.





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