BK. Ezra Pound

104. †Yano, Hôjin. ‘A Note on the Fenollosa-Pound Translation of Japanese Noh’ (in Japanese). Japan Science Review: Humanistic Studies 10 (1959): 47-50.

A work cited in Yoshio Yoshizaki’s Studies in Japanese Literature and Language (Tokyo: Nichigai, 1979), and mentioned as well by Fukuda (BK130), who writes that Yano’s study demonstrates that the ‘real work’ of translation in Fenollosa’s versions of the nô was done by Hirata and not by Fenollosa himself. Yoshizaki and Fukuda’s unfortunate practice of citing Japanese-language works only by titles translated into English, however, makes the citation impossible to trace. The various field-specific publications of the Nippon gakujutsu shinkôkai (Japanese academy for the advancement of science) may be translated ‘Japan Science Review’, but none available at the National Diet Library of Japan includes this work. Other Japanese scholarship, however, particularly in the work of Furukawa and Yamaguchi (see BL109 and D10d), demonstrate Hirata’s seminal role in the translations that found their way to Pound. See also 153 and 177a.





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