BK. Ezra Pound: Secondary Materals

91. Noguchi, Yonejirô, trans. (?). ‘Aoi no Ue o hyôsu—Ezra Pound’ (A comment on Aoi no Ue by Ezra Pound). Yôkyokukai, October 1916, pp. 85-90.

An odd work that does not make altogether clear what it is or who wrote or translated it. A brief preceding note identifies Pound as an American-born poet living in England, and notes that he is a friend of Noguchi Yonejirô (see especially D15). What follows is a Japanese-language essay on Aoi no Ue, written in the first person, with the ‘I’ (watakushi) clearly intended to be Pound, but the work does not follow particularly closely the introductory comments on Aoi no Ue Pound had published in Quarterly Notebook the preceding June (see 22).






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