BK. Ezra Pound

55. ‘From Rapallo: An Ezra Pound Letter’. Japan Times and Mail, 12 August 1940, p. 8.

    Reprinted in Ezra Pound and Japan.  

Pound discusses a possible fusion of ‘Oriental and Occidental cultures’, calls VOU (see 46) ‘the liveliest magazine of young letters in the world’, and notes the sources and limitations of his knowledge of Japan: ‘What I really know of Japan I have got from Fenollosa’s notes on the Noh and from a handful of “very much over-civilized” young men to whom the Noh was familiar. I cannot suppose this to be a “working knowledge” but I believe it to be a much more “real” knowledge than I should have got by starting at the “practical end” and omitting the fragments vouch-safed to me.’ The ‘civilized young men’ to whom Pound refers would have included Kume (Ap) and Itô (Ap) . See also 49. Reprinted as ‘From Rapallo: An Ezra Pound Letter [10]’ in 82.





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