BH. John Gould Fletcher

18. To Yone Noguchi, 25 January 1921. Quoted in Atsumi (D15e9), 1975.


In thanking Noguchi for a copy of Seen and Unseen (see D15b) Fletcher acknowledges his debt to a previous Noguchi work: ‘I am glad you had the inspiration to write to me. For I owe you a debt. The only book of yours I ever saw (previous to this) was your Pilgrimage [D15e4], and the first poem in that book [Ghost] suggested to me my “Blue Symphony” [see 4b] in part at least.’ Fletcher also writes that he admires Noguchi’s ‘hokku’, and quotes two ‘from memory’, one of which ‘has remained as an image’ with him ‘for many years’. The letter is signed ‘with deep respect’.






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