BF. William Empson

25. †Irie, Yukio. Reminiscence of Empson in Japan.

Another obscure Fukuhara reference (see 23 and 24): ‘Yukio Irie, [Empson’s] old student, owes his scholarship much to Mr Empson, whose words and deeds in leading Irie in his studies can be read in his talk about Empson’s home-life [in Japan] printed in vol. V of Rintaro Fukuhara’s Writings (Tokyo 1968, pp. 562-6).’ Volume 5 of Fukuhara Rintarô chosakushû (Collected works of Fukuhara Rintarô) was published by Kenkyusha in 1968, but includes nothing by Irie and nothing about Empson.







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