Ezra Pound

In a Station of the Metro (1913)

The apparition of these faces in the crowd:
Petals on a wet, black bough








See the Bibliography BK3 for notes about what this poem has to do with Japan, BK4 and BK12 for Pound’s own explanation of the matter, and Ezra Pound and the Invention of Japan for a critical overview of Pound’s Japanese interests.

Among more than 100 titles by Pound that are in print are several that contain work related to his Japanese interests. These include the Collected Early Poems of Ezra Pound (available in the US here, in the UK here), Lustra ([BK20] in the US here), Personae: The Shorter Poems of Ezra Pound (here and here), Selected Poems (here and here), ‘Noh’ or Accomplishment ([BK24] in the US here), The Classic Noh Theatre of Japan (in the UK here), Translations (here and here), Plays Modelled on the Noh ([BK81] here and here), Guide to Kulchur ([BK45] here and here), Women of Trachis: A Version by Ezra Pound ([BK61] in the US here), the New Directions Cantos of Ezra Pound (in the US here), the Faber and Faber Cantos (in the UK here), and Drafts and Fragments of Cantos CX-CXVII ([BK72] in the UK here).










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