CC. The Larger Context


8. Cortazzi, Hugh, and Gordon Daniels, eds. Britain and Japan 1859-1991: Themes and Personalities. London: Routledge, 1991.

A well-conceived collection about important intermediaries in the history of Anglo-Japanese relations. Several of the contributions are the fullest treatments of their subject available. Of particular relevance to this study are Richard Bowring’s ‘An Amused Guest in All: Basil Hall Chamberlain’ (see D5), P. F. Kornicki’s ‘William George Aston’ (see D13), Gordon Daniels’ ‘Sir George Sansom: Historian and Diplomat’ (see D22), Carmen Blacker’s ‘Marie Stopes and Japan’ (see D23), Phillip Harries’s ‘Arthur Waley: Poet and Translator’ (see D26), and Louis Allen’s ‘William Plomer and Japan’ (BJ41).





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