BL. W. B. Yeats

207. Ôno, Mitsuko. ‘“Daitokeitô no ô” kara “Sangatsu no mangetsu” e: Yeats ni okeru gekitekitôitsu to nô e no kaiki’ (From The King of the Great Clock Tower [36a and 37c] to A Full Moon in March [37b]: A return to dramatic unity and the nô). Nippon Yeats kyôkai kaihô 12 (1981): 20-30.

Ôno recounts the rather complicated relation between and among these plays and analyses them in terms of the types of dramatis personae in the nô, the waki (a priest or other traveller who appears at the beginning of the play), shite (principal character) and tsure (attendant or companion of the shite), finding that in the revision from the one to the other Yeats arrives at a drama more fully in harmony with the principles and structures of the nô.





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