BL. W. B. Yeats


189. Jochum, K. P. S. W. B. Yeats: A Classified Bibliography of Criticism. Urbana: U of Illinois P, 1978. Enlarged ed., 1990.

Jochum’s comprehensive and painstakingly indexed work is updated annually in Yeats: An Annual of Critical and Textual Studies. Unless otherwise noted references to the work throughout this bibliography are to the 1990 edition. See section ED (1990), ‘Yeats and the nô’; also, the 1978 edition lists Masters and Honours theses not listed in 1990, including fourteen concerned with Yeats’s assimilation of the nô, by Lawrence E. Shaffer (1948, no. 3569), Akhtar Qamber (1950, no. 3494), N. N. Feltes (1957, no. 3554), Thomas Kurt Schwabacher (1958, no. 3495), Jeanne Wong (1959, no. 3576), Hisako Matsubara (1960, no. 3561), Martha Niemoeller (1961, no. 3566), Maria Theresa Tirapu (1962, no. 3572), Reiko Tsukimura (1962, no. 3573), Charlotte Ann York Irey (1965, no. 3490), Jerrold P. Bankert (1966, no. 3488), Niema Ash (1968, no. 3487), Jane Danielson Middlebrooks (1968, no. 3562), and K. Unruh (1968, no. 3574). To this list may be added Joyce Johnson Whitfield’s ‘The Later Plays of W. B. Yeats and the Noh’, MA thesis, Indiana University, 1960.





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