BL. W. B. Yeats

94. Itô, Michio. ‘Omoide o kataru’ (Reminiscences). Hikaku bunka 2 (1956): 57-76.

Includes details of Itô’s friendship with Pound and his first meeting with Yeats, for whom Itô’s companions Kume (Ap) and Kayano (Ap) gave a recitation of nô singing (see also BK82c2). Itô recalls that Yeats remarked on the strong feeling of association he felt between the nô and recent symbolic drama in Europe. In both this work and 93, Itô acknowledges that he had neither interest in nor more than passing knowledge of the nô until becoming inspired by the enthusiasms of Pound and Yeats. The section of the work relating to the 1915 meeting with Yeats has been translated into English by Oshima (124, p. 180) and Carruthers (178).






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