BL. W. B. Yeats

80. Dume, Thomas L. ‘William Butler Yeats: A Survey of His Reading’. PhD thesis, Temple University, 1950.

Dume’s study attempts to determine what books Yeats may be shown to have read, but among those listed in chapter IV, ‘Works Relating to the East: Theosophy, India, China, and Japan’, only Kagawa’s Love, the Law of Life (see 35c) and Suzuki’s Essays on Zen Buddhism (see D28) are related directly to Japan; Binyon’s Painting in the Far East (BC2) and the Pound/Fenollosa ‘Noh’ (BK24) are listed in other sections. For other Japan-related works Yeats himself acknowledged reading see 1, 15c, 35c, 52a-b, and 52d, and see O’Shea (228) for yet others that were in his library.






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