BL. W. B. Yeats

63. Hirata, Tokuboku [Kiichi]. ‘Raichô sentosuru Yeats no fûkaku’ (Profile of Yeats, who is coming to Japan). Eigo bungaku 4/1 (1920): 1-5.

A biographical sketch that announces that Keio and Tokyo universities will bring Yeats to Japan as a lecturer. The most detailed account of the aborted trip is in Oshima (see 124a1). Yeats weighs reasons for accepting and declining the offer in his letter to Quinn of 11 July 1919 (48i). Hirata, under his pen-name Tokuboku, had become by 1920 a successful novelist and translator. See especially 109 and D10d for notes about his role in the translation of the nô manuscripts that found their way to Pound.






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