BL. W. B. Yeats

61. Noguchi, Yone. ‘A Japanese Poet on W. B. Yeats’. Bookman (New York) 43 (1916).

Interesting mainly as a curiosity. Describes a meeting and discussion with Yeats, joined toward the end by Pound and Gaudier Brzeska. Several times the discussion turns to Japanese subjects, and Noguchi quotes Yeats at length, though the style of the quoted material reminds more of Noguchi than of Yeats himself. Yeats ‘confess[es]’ that his ‘mind is perfectly saturated now’ with the nô, ‘declare[s]’ that in his occult interests he is ‘an ancestor worshipper almost as if Japanese’, ‘declare[s]’ Japan a ‘sensible and noble’ country, and so on.







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